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Ingo Breuer

23. Okt. 2002 Born on 22 June 1955 in a small town in West Germany. Educated as a Biology teacher for secondary schools, but working as a technical consultant in the IT-industry.

Ingo's interest in growing succulents started 37 years ago, his special interest in growing haworthias in 1983, when he obtained several offsets from the Botanical Garden at Bonn. His private collection of haworthias now contains about 6,500 items from about 2,200 different recorded localities.

Ingo has searched out, and made a thorough study of, the relevant Haworthia literature. By 1988 he completed his library of all Haworthia literature, which now contains about 1,100 articles and books. He has also made extensive studies of Herbarium records and material, particularly those at the herbarium of the Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem. All this research has provide material for a number of books and articles. Ingo typified many Haworthia taxa, never typified before, using the photographs by von Poellnitz. In 1995 he began to visit South Africa to study haworthias in habitat and has made five visits since. Ingo's studies of habitat material have benefited from correspondence with, and the support of, Prof. Gideon Smith, National Botanical Institute of South Africa and David M. Cumming, Essie Esterhuizen and Vincent de Vries, South Africans who regularly study haworthias in habitat. His current project is the investigation of the floral characters to be used for a new infrageneric classification and the preparation of a new status concept with the description of several new taxa. He has been editor of the journal Avonia.

In recognition of his work on the genus Haworthia the German Cactus-Society awarded him 1999 the Karl-Schumann-Preis (Karl Schumann prize).
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